Jane Stirling's family:

On behalf of my family I should like to say how delighted we are to hear about your project and to thank you and all your colleagues for the excellent work you are doing to make sure that the help our ancestor Jane Stirling gave to Frederic Chopin in his later years is more widely appreciated.

We wish the project every success.


Patrick Stirling-Aird of Kippenross


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About the project

The project is a tribute to Jane Stirling, who preserved the legacy of Frédéric Chopin. Not many seem to know that it was she who provided help for Chopin in the ultimate years of his life. Alas, Chopinologists may have been too interested in the often more passionate relationships our Great Romantic maintained with his female admirers. Consequently, little has been heard of his Scottish benefactor, who seems to have successfully evaded the limelight and so undeservedly fallen into oblivion. The project is an attempt to bring these facts to light so as to do justice to the woman who "saved Chopin".

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