Poland Independence Day Concert

Scottish Polish Cultural Association 

at General Maczek Polish Ex-combatants House, 

11 Drummond Place, Edinburgh EH3 6PJ

Sunday, 19 November 2023, 4 pm


This afternoon, as we gathered to commemorate Poland Independence Day, we were transported by the spellbinding compositions of Polish maestros, beautifully rendered by Poland's Anna Dębowska. Together, we will embark on a harmonious journey that transcends borders and cultures, fostering a deeper appreciation for the Polish-Scottish connection that unites us all.

The selection of Polish composers for this extraordinary piano recital was a deliberate choice, emblematic of the profound respect and admiration that both organisers - the Scottish Polish Cultural Association and the Jane Stirling Project - hold for Poland's rich musical legacy. Poland, a nation with a storied history and an indomitable spirit, has gifted the world with a treasure trove of compositions that stir the deepest emotions. And so they did this afternoon.

At the center of this musical journey was the incomparable pianist, Anna Dębowska. With her exceptional skill and deep emotional connection to the music of her homeland, Anna is the embodiment of unity through art. Her fingers delicately navigated the piano keys - this time Felix Yaniewicz's square piano - breathing life into the notes of F. Chopin, M. Ogiński, S. Moniuszko, J. Deszczyński, and F. Yaniewicz, conjuring memories of Poland and igniting a sense of shared heritage among the audience. 


Welcome by Izabela Brodzińska

Felix Yaniewicz Variations on Hope Told a flattering tale
Michał Kleofas Ogiński Polonaise 'Les adieux  la Patrie' in A minor
Tempo di Menuetto from Five dances for piano
Fryderyk Chopin Mazurka op. 17 No 4 in A minor
Stanisław Moniuszko Mazurka in G major
Mazurka in A minor
Walz in A flat major

Fryderyk Chopin Nocturne op. posth. in C sharp minor
Nocturne op. 48 No 2 in F sharp minor
Józef Deszczyński Variations sur un th'me original op. 21


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