Past into Present in Bamff House

Anna Dębowska (piano) and Norway's Edvard Adde (tenor) at Bamff House, Scotland, on 17 October 2022, restaged F. Chopin's Matinee Musicale originally given at 99 Eaton Pace, London, on 23 June 1848 at the residence of Mrs. Adelaide Sartoris, whom he knew in Paris. She herself was a soprano and had married Edward John Sartoris - a wealthy man of fashion, with aspirations to become a Member of Parliament. This concert was one of the few he gave in London and the first public one in Britain. It began at 3 pm and tickets, limited in number, were one guinea each.


F. Chopin - Andante op. 22 precedé d'un Largo

L. van Beethoven - "Le penitent"

F. Chopin - Andante sostenuto, Etudes op. 25 nr 1, 2

G. Alary - Melodie "Reine des Nuits"

F. Chopin - Nocturne, Berceuse, Impromptu

G. Donizetti - Romance, "Ange si pur"

F. Chopin - Mazurka, Ballade, Valse


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