It was after approximately 100 years on 26 October 2018 that the family of Stirlings was reunited with the famous Pleyel Grand Piano No 13823 which once belonged to Jane Stirling and on which Frederick Chopin played in Scotland in 1848. The grand was acquired by Edouard Ganche from Anne Houston, who inheritted the Chopin material then still in Scotland. Presently in the Green Room of the Collegum Maius, Kraków, it carries a dated signature: Fr. Chopin 15 novembre 1848, which indicates he also had this grandpiano with him one day before his last public performance in Guildhall, London.

Present in the Green Room were Patrick Stirling-Aird and Susan Stirling-Aird, both of Kippenross, Jane Stirling?s great-great niece ? Henrietta Somervell as well Prof. Krzysztof Stopka ? head of the Jagiellonian University Museum.

Anna performed Chopin?s music on Jane Stirling?s Pleyel grand piano exclusively for the honorable guests.

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