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Jane Stirling's family:

On behalf of my family I should like to say how delighted we are to hear about your project and to thank you and all your colleagues for the excellent work you are doing to make sure that the help our ancestor Jane Stirling gave to Frederic Chopin in his later years is more widely appreciated.

We wish the project every success.


Patrick Stirling-Aird of Kippenross


Susan Stirling-Aird and Anna Dębowska in the Old Kippenross House
Susan Stirling-Aird and Anna Dębowska in the Old Kippenross House

What would our project mean without the approval and blessing of Jane Stirling's family? Would it be yet another academic study, perhaps devoid of spirit, which is a prerequisite of success? Perhaps it would. However, we are blessed to have received the support and approval from the Stirling-Aird family and intend, with their involvement, to promote the memory of their direct ancestor - Jane Wilhelmina Stirling, which we hereby proudly declare.

Our first encounter with the Stirling-Aird family came in late winter, 2016. In the course of our correspondence with Dunblane Museum in Scotland, we learned that we might contact the Stirling-Airds, whose direct ancestor was Jane Stirling. And so we did. We contacted Mr. Richard Stirling-Aird and he helped us reach his elder brother - Mr. Patrick Stirling-Aird. A few weeks later, we received a phone call from Mrs. Susan Stirling-Aird. They were willing to help.

And so we are here, together with the Stirling-Airds, doing the best we can to restore the memory of the woman that did so much for Chopin and received so little in return. It seems, after all, that it is indeed our responsibility as Chopin's compatriots, to redress this apparent neglect.

And so:

May the memory of Jane Stirling spread far and wide!

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