The Jane Stirling Project

Chopin the Ungrateful: A tribute to Jane W. Stirling

We have just begun collecting material for a new project.  This time we will attempt to identify the links which Fryderyk Chopin had with England and Scotland and show that we owe galore to this very soil.

The project consists of two parts. One part is going to be a presentation which will take the audience on a journey to the places Chopin stayed in across the English Channel in the final months of his life. The other part will be an audio-recorded musical expression of the gratitude we all have for the woman who saved Chopin's legacy, a legacy we have been so lucky to enjoy in the last two hundred years. The project is a tribute to her memory. more>>>

Though we have just begun the project, we owe our sincere gratitude to those who have in many ways assisted us in our rediscovery of the past on English and Scottish soil. And so, many thanks to Beata Szubert and Piotr Perzyński,Anna Ziemian, Ewa Mleczko, Brad Galagher, Ruth Bamforth, Alison Caldecott, three nice ladies - volunteers at the Dunblane Museum - and a cashier at the Edinburgh Waverly Train Station, who saved our neck by helping work out the best itinerary for our travels in the Loathian area.



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