It was to the apartment of his compatriot - Dr. Lyszczynski - located at 10 Warriston Crescent in Edinburgh that Frédéric Chopin repeatedly and eagerly returned. Chopin was granted the nursery in a small bedroom on the first floor, where he would seek both physical and spiritual recovery through his host's homeopathic treatment and an opportunity to converse in the Polish language. This concert, given by Poland's Marian Michalski and Scotland's John Willmett, takes place in the very bedroom occupied in 1848 by the forlorn composer.

The artists represent different nationalities, different generations and most certainly different cultures. The concert can be thought of as a bridge connecting the two sides, much in the way that Jane Stirling did when she provided help for Frédéric Chopin, reconciling conflicting interests and rectifying numerous obstacles, and as she still does, connecting all those who are committed to honouring the past and seeking human unity rather than division.


A free ticketed event, invitations required
Time: 11 October 2018, 4 p.m.
10 Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh


Marian Michalski: piano

John Willmett: piano


(John Willmett)
F. Chopin
Nocturne No 1 in E minor op. 72
Etude in F minor op. posth. from "Trois Nouvelles Études"
Fantaisie in F minor op. 49

(Marian Michalski)
F. Chopin
Nocturne No 2 in G major op. 37
Mazurkas op. 17
    No 1 in B flat major
    No 2 in E minor
    No 3 in A flat major
    No 4 in A minor


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