A ticketed event, invitations required
Time: 13 October 2018, 6 p.m.
Venue: Gargunnock House, Gargunnock, Stirling

This concert was a celebration of two anniversaries: 170 years since Jane Stirling broughtFrédéric Chopin to Scotland and 100 years since Poland regained its hard-fought independence. The event was, therefore, an opportunity to demonstrate the multitude of ties that connect the Polish and Scottish nations. 

In 1848 Chopin visited a number of stately houses in Scotland, mostly the homes of Jane Stirling's family, where he gave numerous concerts en famille. Most likely one of these was Gargunnock House, once the home of Jane's brother - Charles Stirling. Its drawing room still houses the 7521 Broadwood Grand Pianoforte on which, as family rumour has it, Chopin played in 1848. It is on this very instrument that the music of Frédéric  Chopin, Franz Liszt and Ignacy Jan Paderewski was performed to commemorate Jane Stirling's involvement in preserving the Great Romantic's legacy and to pay tribute to her and all those who have in so many ways committed their lives to the Polish cause on Caledonian soil. 

Anna Dębowska: piano
Katarzyna Oleś-Blacha: soprano


Part 1
F. Chopin -    Nocturne No 2 in D flat major op. 27
F. Chopin -    Etude No 12 in C minor op. 10
F. Chopin - Nocturne No 2 in F sharp minor op. 48
F. Chopin -    Mazurkas op. 7
    No 1 in B flat major
    No 2 in A minor
F. Liszt - Etude No 3 D flat major from "Trois Etudes de Concert"
I. J. Paderewski - Nocturne No 4 in B flat major op. 16

Part 2
F. Chopin - Songs op. 74
    No 1 Życzenie/A Maiden's wish, lyrics by S. Witwicki
    No 9 Melodia/Melody, lyrics by Z. Krasiński
    No 2 Wiosna/Spring, lyrics by S. Witwicki     
    No 17 Leci liście z drzewa/Leaves are falling, lyrics by W. Pol
I. J. Paderewski - Naguere op. 22/4, lyrics by C. Mend?s
        Nad wodą wielką i czystą/Above water vast and pure op. 18/4, lyrics by A. Mickiewicz
        Chłopca mego mi zabrali/My love is sent away op. 7/4,  lyrics by A. Asnyk
F. Liszt - Oh, quand je dors/Oh! when I sleep S. 282/2, lyrics by  V. Hugo
    O lieb S. 298/2, lyrics by F. Freiligrath

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